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Photograph of Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel U.S. Senate, MS
  • $5,300 Raised
  • 30 Supporters
  • Jun 24th Runoff Election

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Here's our best opportunity in the U.S. Senate to replace a career politician with a principled constitutionalist. State Senator, Chris McDaniel, is poised to kick out 36-year establishment incumbent, Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), and join the liberty caucus with Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen. Mike Lee.

McDaniel, a state Senator, businessman, and conservative pundit, was born and raised in the state of Mississippi. Since assuming state office, McDaniel has advanced our philosophy of free markets and limited government at the state level. During this time, McDaniel sponsored and supported measures which sought to protect individual rights, cut state-funded handouts, and fought against government overreach. He is also known for the major role he played in the legal action taken against the federal government over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

When he gets to Washington, McDaniel's vote will likely fall somewhere between Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) -- meaning we can count on his vote to support measures sought by the Liberty Caucus. Additionally, he identifies Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) as a legislator with whom he closely aligns.

On policy, McDaniel will take the constitutional position on every issue if elected to the Senate. He supports a full audit of the Federal Reserve; cutting spending, including waste in the defense budget; reducing our national debt; and drastically reforming taxation. On foreign policy, he opposes nation-building and meddling abroad, deploying troops to democratize other nations, and pre-emptive war. He understands only Congress can constitutionally declare war. And he also recognizes our civil liberties have been under attack, which is why he strongly opposes unconstitutional government spying, the PATRIOT Act, and the NDAA's indefinite detention clause -- even going so far as to take action against the NDAA during his time in the Mississippi legislature.

McDaniel also supports drawing back the federal government's power to return rights not listed within the Constitution to the states, including the federal Drug War, marriage laws, and education policies.


In Washington, Mr. McDaniel will:

  • Co-sponsor a bill to audit the Federal Reserve
  • Support a balanced budget amendment and oppose all efforts to increase taxes
  • Promote a non-interventionist foreign policy and oppose nation-building
  • Support ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Retain Congress' constitutional prerogative to declare war
  • Support privacy rights guaranteed by the 4th Amendment
  • Oppose unconstitutional government spying, the PATRIOT Act, and indefinite detention authorized by the NDAA
  • Oppose restrictions on Internet freedom
  • Support federalism on all legislation not specifically authorized in the Constitution
  • Support repealing Obamacare
  • Support the 2nd Amendment


My philosophy toward the federal government is influenced by history and the wise words of the founders who recognized the dangers of an overzealous, all-too powerful, centralized government. I believe in a limited federal government that protects states’ rights to make decisions about policies that uniquely fit the needs of their populations.

Government does not create jobs; jobs are created by hardworking people in the private sector. It is government’s role to create an environment that encourages hard work and risk-taking instead of discouraging it. It can do this by keeping taxes low and simple, protecting private property rights, allowing for the free flow of goods and services and making sure success is rewarded. The federal government also has a role in protecting citizens from foreign threats, but not at the cost of trampling on our constitutionally protected rights.

As a U.S. senator, it is my goal to drastically roll back the expansion in the federal government that has occurred over the past several decades.


Thirty-six-year incumbent Sen. Cochran has a voting record completely out of touch with his conservative constituents. He has a long history of voting with Democrats to increase spending, bail out corporations, fund abortions with taxpayer money, and pile on the debt -- he was also one of twenty Republicans who voted to finance Obamacare. He recently declared Obamacare a failure, but he proposes Washington go back to the drawing board to generate another federal solution to the healthcare industry. Additionally, he voted in support of and to expand the PATRIOT Act and the indefinite detention clause of the NDAA, among other federal measures designed to limit our liberties for the sake of national security.

Because his voting record is so liberal, this is one of the nation's most closely watched races for 2014, listing the seat as one of the most likely to be stolen from the establishment. National Journal named Sen. Cochran as one of the top five incumbent senators at risk of losing his primary election. While Sen. Cochran has close ties with the establishment party in Mississippi, McDaniel has made inroads with conservative political groups throughout the state, which has provided him a source of momentum. Since his Senate bid announcement in mid-October, McDaniel has been named a front-runner and has been endorsed by groups like Club for Growth, Senate Conservatives Fund, and FreedomWorks.

Mississippi is a deep-red state, meaning the fight comes down to the primary contest between Sen. Cochran and McDaniel. This will be a conservative showdown between the old Republican establishment and the new wave of younger, liberty-centric voters -- indicative, perhaps, of changing tides within the national GOP.